The Benefits Of Jamming With Better Players

When someone asks me what the best way to improve is I always tell them to get out and start jamming with better players. I learned that from playing sports. At times it was intimidating and frustrating. But looking back I can say it was probably the biggest contributor to me becoming a better player.

The Same Old Jam Buddies

For the most part I have been jamming with the same person for the last seven years or so. He and I sound pretty good together. He sang and I accompanied him. I learned a lot from him. Recently a friend of my jam buddy joined us on jam day. He’s a talented guitar player. I was a little intimidated but I realized that was a good thing. It made me more focused on getting better. He’s showed me a few things and I have improved in a short period.

Most guitar players will sit and play with just about anyone. I have run into few players that don’t like to do that, but not too many. Most guitar players just want to play. And most players will help other players as well.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are sitting your room watching YouTube videos, you will improve. But nothing will move you along faster than getting out and jamming with better players. Learning is a paradox many times. You think it should be exciting getting out and doing things you dream of doing. But many times it’s the most frightening thing you will do. When you get that feeling, that’s when you really need to do it. After you do it will be the most exciting and motivating thing you could do for yourself.

The Best Started Somewhere

Remember, even the best in the world started just like you. No one learns or becomes good by themselves. Everyone needs help. If you run into someone who won’t help, move on and find someone who will. There’s a lot more people willing to help you than not. In fact try to find the best player you can to help you. Don’t be afraid to sit down and ask a better player to show you something that will make you better. Remember you will be in the position to help someone in the future.

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